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Deep Root Fertilization

When it comes to maintaining the health and longevity of your trees, fertilization is a crucial factor. However, fertilizing trees can be a challenge, especially because of their deep-reaching roots that cannot be effectively fertilized through surface fertilization.

This is where deep-root fertilization comes in as a highly effective method of fertilization. By injecting the soil with fertilizer under high pressure, the fertilizer can penetrate the deepest roots of the tree, where it is most needed. Unlike surface fertilization, deep root fertilization provides nutrition from the roots up, resulting in much more efficient nutrient absorption by the tree.

Here are some key benefits of deep-root fertilization:

Promotes thick, healthy, vibrant foliage
Reduces soil compaction 
Optimizes soil condition and nutrient content 
Stimulates development of canopy and blooms
Helps prevent weather damage from frost and sunburn
Aids in the growth of new plant shoots
Maximizes resistance to pests and disease 
Aerates the soil for optimal growth
Trees are more aesthetically pleasing = Boosts your home value
Prevents yellowing of leaves caused by chlorosis (lack of chlorophyll)
Deep root fertilization should be an essential part of your maintenance routine to provide the best conditions for the trees and shrubs in your landscaping. This will help ensure your plants have the ideal soil conditions to grow thick and healthy.

Signs Your Trees Need Fertilization

Certain signs indicate that your trees need deep-root fertilization treatment. If you wait too long, your trees could become malnourished or even die without supplemental nutrition.
Here are some key signs that your trees need to be fertilized:
Little or no annual growth
Yellowing or light green leaves
Smaller leaves than usual
Dead spots on leaves
Reduced foliage, and floral growth
Thinning or dying tips of branches
If you notice that the trees on your lawn display these signs, then it’s crucial to start a tree fertilization schedule. By feeding nutrients directly at the root, deep root fertilization will help restore your trees and keep them healthy for years to come.

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